Speel jij tegen het Franse Nationale Team op vrijdag 11 augustus?


Hello, my name is Denis ROSE. 

I am writing you on behalf of the French Hockey Federation.
Our team +40 years will play the European cup https://www.ecmasters2017. eu/ in Tilburg.
Before starting the competition on the 12nd of August against Germany +40, we would like to play a friendly training game against a local team on Aug, 11th.

We couldn't find an opportunity and availability in Tilburg to find a training ground and it will be a wonderful opportunity to train (as we are in Eindhoven to sleep) and a wonderful opponent if possible, and it will be an honor for us to play in your club.

For some reasons, best time for us will be 4.00 pm : it is certainly not the best time for all your players...it is why we are opened to play against any team (young team also). You can mix also.
If not available team, will it be possible at least to use one of your ground for the team to train ? 

I can imagine our level will be similar to any team playing in 2nd Dutch Klasse ? But the main point for us is to have an opportunity to train. :o)
If you are interested, please email me soon !!!

Dank u well !!


Hockey | 9 Augustus